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  • VMW

    Versatile modular workbench allows you to choose components to fit your specific applications. These can easily be adapted or expanded later to meet changing needs. Heavy duty construction accommodates all industrial environments. Benches come with standard stringers.

  • VFA

    Frame assembly comes equipped with three uprights. Unit bolts to bench legs (hardware included).

  • VPP

    This versatile perforated pegboard panel is 18"W x 27 1/2"H or 18"W x 34 1/2"H.

  • VLP Series

    Steel 18" W x 27 1/2"H or 34 1/2"H panel can be bolted easily to workbench uprights. Accommodates industry standard plastic bins or spindles.

  • LTA Series

    This assembly mounts to VFA frame assembly. Comes with enclosed fluorescent light fixture (bulbs included). Lights are 48" long, can be ordered with two bulbs or four bulbs. Two trolleys and a rail are provided to hold tools or balancers conveniently.

  • VHB

    Hanger bars hold bins and can be easily moved to proper height and location on bench. Available in 3 convenient depths.

  • AHB Series

    Bracket for air hose can be positioned at desired location. Accommodates two fittings. Quick-connect fittings not included.

  • EHB Series

    Electrical hanger bar includes a switchable 6-outlet surge protector that protects your electronic equipment from power line disturbances.


    Versatile shelves are made from heavy gauge steel. Available in 25" or 32" W and/or 8", 12" or 15" D.


    These versatile sloped shelves have a depth of 8", 12", or 15".