Pucel Enterprises, Inc.

Pucel Enterprises, Inc.
1440 E. 36th Street,
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: 800-336-4986, 216-881-4604 • Fax: 216-881-6731
Email: sales@pucelenterprises.comWebsite: www.pucelenterprises.com

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Accessories include brackets, spindles, and a variety of trays.
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LP-300 N/A Panels N/A 11 lbs
B-0 N/A Flat Stock Bracket N/A 7-1/4 lbs
B-3 N/A 2" Radius Bracket N/A 7-1/2 lbs
HB-200 N/A Frame Bracket N/A 10-1/2 lbs
SP-5 N/A 1/2" Spindle N/A 1-1/2 lbs
SP-62 N/A 5/8" Spindle N/A 2 lbs
SP-75 N/A 3/4" Spindle N/A 2-1/2 lbs
SP-1 N/A 1" Spindle N/A 4 lbs
OFT-100 N/A Open Front Tray N/A 18 lbs
SOF-101 N/A Semi-Open Front Tray N/A 21 lbs
FTT-102 N/A Flat Top Tray N/A 16 lbs
PBT-103 N/A Semi-Open Perf. Tray N/A 16 lbs
Unit of Measure